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About Smad

Founded in 1999, Smad aims to simplify creating the best dining experience for corporate clients. Over the years, we have refined our expertise to offer top-notch, cost-effective commercial refrigerator solutions.

At Smad, we are committed to a secure, sustainable future. We combine profit with purpose, enhancing social, economic, and environmental well-being for our team and customers. Our goal is to grow while positively impacting society and the planet.

Our Certifications

  • Tailored Solutions for Your Business

    At SMAD, customization is our forte. We understand the uniqueness of your business needs and offer bespoke solutions. From sizes to functionalities, personalize your appliances to match your vision.

  • Our Sustainable Commitment

    At SMAD, sustainability isn't just a goal; it's our responsibility. We are dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint by employing eco-conscious practices in our manufacturing. Our appliances integrate energy-efficient technologies and eco-friendly materials, ensuring high performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Our Customers


What I admire most about Smad is their attention to detail, and everyone I approach strives for perfection. I have visited Smad's factories many times, and every time I go to China, I like to visit their factories. What I value most is quality, whether my own commercial refrigerators or the refrigeration equipment we supply to customers, I have a very high pursuit of quality. I am very relieved that after cooperation for so many years, their product quality is as good as ever. As for different markets, they always notice all the different details.

Haley Peterson from USA

Purchasing manager

I am very happy that Smad can offer me lots of support on my small supermarket, even a custom order for my clients, and guarantee me a quick delivery. They also can make excellent brand tags for me which is a really big help for the start of my home appliances business.

Kristy Myles from Canada

Own her own electrical store

Add customer reI have been cooperated with Smad over 10 years. They always provide me good quality appliances and excellent service. Their expert production capacity strongly guarantees the delivery of my order which is very important for my business. They also offer service to design my brand package for free. By the way, I am very appreciated their support in freight and customs clearance on my each bulk orders.views and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.

Patrick Rogers From UK

Commercial Refrigerators Wholesaler

Thank goodness for Smad. We have looked everywhere for hotel restaurant fridge for one of our hotel projects. Urgent time and the need for customization make it difficult for us to find suitable suppliers. Until we found the official website of Smad Commercial, we finally found the restaurant fridges we wanted. Furthermore, we are truly satisfied with the price and delivery time.

Ahmad Hafiz Muhammad from UAE

Project Bidding Manager

We are very happy to work with Smad Commercial. Honestly, we don’t need to seek for any other manufactures or suppliers because we can get all the refrigeration equipment we need here. They can provide stable quality, the price is very reasonable, and delivery time is well controlled. They always share their experiences and new campaigns to me to help me expand my business.

Mohamad Abu Almajd from Saudi Arabia

Own His Own Restaurant