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Tailored Solutions for Supermarkets

Explore our one-stop customization service for supermarkets. Elevate your supermarket refrigeration solutions with SMAD's precision engineering and personalized options.

One stop customization

At SMAD, we understand that every supermarket is unique. Whether you come to us with a specific design or need assistance in creating one, our customization services are designed to meet your exact requirements.

Already have a design in mind? Contact us directly, and we'll seamlessly transform your vision into reality. Your design, our expertise.

Don't have a design yet? No problem. Our team will engage in detailed discussions with you, considering your supermarket layout and specific requirements to propose a tailored design solution.

  • 🔹 Full-size customization

    Specify the size and storage capacity you need, and we will customize the refrigeration unit according to your space and product requirements.

  • 🔹 Optional Cooling Systems

    Choose the cooling system that suits your requirements. Whether it's advanced air circulation, energy-efficient technologies, or specific temperature controls, our customizable cooling systems ensure optimal performance.

  • 🔹 Customizable components

    Customize your refrigeration device by selecting custom individual components. From the refrigeration room to the control panel, from lighting to materials, customize your equipment to meet your business needs.

Customization Process

  • 1. Project Requirements

    Please inform us of your needs,Let us understand your specific needs, preferences, and expected outcomes for customized products.

  • 2. Free Proposal by Smad

    We will provide a detailed proposal with a custom plan based on your project needs. It includes design mock-ups, customization options, cost breakdowns, and timelines. This service is free of charge.

  • 3. Payment of deposit

    Upon approval of the proposed customization plan, the customer proceeds to make the required payment as per the agreed terms and conditions.

  • 4. Sampling

    We create a prototype based on the agreed design. This sample will be available for your inspection and approval before moving to full-scale production.

  • 5. Mass Production

    After sample approval, we start large-scale production per the finalized design. We provide regular updates and conduct quality checks to meet standards and customer expectations.

Inquiry Now !

Just tell us your needs, and SMAD will match them perfectly. Contact us for a consultation or start customizing your refrigeration solutions now.